National (or state) open carry day?

Discussion in 'Holsters / Method of Carry' started by dunkel, Dec 6, 2010.

  1. dunkel

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    Was thinking about this the other day. I'm under the impression that there are a lot of folks that are just uncomfortable with open carrying a gun themselves. They're ok with the idea of it in general and don't have a problem with others doing...the just haven't built up the nerve yet. That's fine, we've all been there. So, for those people (not those opposed to OC for tactical reasons or whatever else), wouldn't it be encouraging to see others doing it? So why not a semi-official Georgia Open Carry Day...everyone that's ever thought about it, just do it on that one day and hopefully enough of us would do it so that we could get some exposure. Fence sitters could see others doing it and maybe feel more comfortable with it.

    Just a quick thought I had. Maybe there's already something like this or whatever, I don't know.

    Please, don't make this a OC vs CC debate...
  2. krmbigmac

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    Good Idea...if there are a lot of GPDO or GCO members "around you" to give that extra level of comfort.

    Personally, I think local meet and greets will help with OC issues better. Just my :2cents: worth.

  3. Phil1979

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    Excellent idea. I'd go further and say that the entire month of December should be OC month, as crime seems to increase around this time of year.
  4. dunkel

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    I agree the meets are probably a good chance to "come out". At the convention, it was great to see everyone OCing.

    Not everyone is able to get to a meet up, though, so maybe just knowing hey, there's going to be a lot of open carriers today might be comforting.
  5. gunsmoker

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    Forget the "meet" requirement. That will cut the participation down drastically. Make it an option, sure.

    A successful open carry day would, in my opinion, have these 4 things going for it:

    1-- Official endorsement and promotion of the idea by one or more major gun-rights groups. In Georgia that would be GCO, the NRA, and maybe GSSA (Georgia Sport Shooting Association).

    2-- Promotion of the idea and the particular date at nearly all gun stores, sporting goods stores, gun shows, and shooting ranges.

    3-- Promotion of the idea and the particular date on the internet, on all the gun-related chat sites and blogs.

    4-- Press releases from gun-rights groups and sponsoring businesses. Actively tell the media about this event and the date. Business owners who are pro-carry could invite armed customers to come on over on that date, and publicize that through a press release.

    And the notice should remind people that a GFL / GWL is still needed to carry a gun (open or concealed) in public, and that there are still some off-limits locations, and that each individual is responsible for knowing and following the law that may apply to where he or she might wish to carry that gun.