Nasty Cough? Eat Blacktop!

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    When Morrisville police officer Chris Gill handed him a ticket, Kent Kauffman coughed. Next thing Kauffman knew, Gill was charging him with assault on a government official.

    Gill contends Kauffman intentionally coughed on him three times. According to Gill's report, Kauffman looked into the officer's eyes before 'hacking' in his face, Morrisville spokeswoman Stacie Galloway said Wednesday. ...

    Kauffman said that Gill cuffed him and threw him into the side of the patrol car, and that he ended up on the ground.

    'It knocked the wind out of me,' he said. 'He kept yelling at me to get up. I told him, 'I can't move, man, I'm sick.' ...

    Kauffman was pulled over for not wearing a seat belt.

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    At least the guy didn't :puke: all over him. :lol:
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    The cop wasn't trying to rape him.