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One agenda item from last night's meeting was to pick a name for our group of GCO and GeorgiaPacking.Org members and other gun-rights supporters from Fayette County (most of us are, anyway) who will be doing this lobbying and meeting and other politically active efforts to get private citizens like ourselves access to the range.

It would be good if the group's name had both "FAYETTE" and "TRAINING" and or "SAFETY" in it. Because, after all, shooting at a range is training (even if it's just plinking for fun), and because shooting at an established firing range with an excellent backstop is generally safer than shooting outdoors on your own land or your cousin's ranch. Some cities and counties have built skateboard parks with "half pipe" structures for skaters to do jumps and flips based on the same reasoning-- it's safer to do that at a facility made for it.

And it would be great if we could make a pneumonic out of it-- an acronym.
I really like how "PETA" is easy to say, easy to spell, easy to remember, and fits their claimed mission really well: "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals." (though I'd like to form my own PETA group and call it "People Eating Tasty Animals")

Some brainstorming ideas:

Citizens' Association for Range Availability in Fayette. (CARAF)
Citizens Organization for Range Access. (CORA)
Citizens Organization for Range Access in Fayette. (CORAF)
Citizens' Organization for Range Safety. (CORS)

Fayette Range Accessibility Committee for Training. (FRACT)
Fayette Advocates for Safe Shooting. (FASS)
Fayette Association of Training Advocates for Safe Shooting (FATASS? Okay, we can rearrange some words!)
Fayette Advocates of Shared Shooting. (another "FASS")
Shooting Advocates for Fayette Facilities. (SAFF)
Fayette Association for Community Training and Safety (FACTS)

Fayette Association for Range Training. (And those of us who use silencers can say we're "silent but deadly")

Committee for Open Range Facilities for Education and Training (CORFET)

Committee for Use of Firearms Facilities to Enhance Safety (CUFFES).

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I like this one:

Fayette Association for Community Training and Safety (FACTS)
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