My wifes visit to the Gwinnett Finger Printing Office

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by thebugman, Feb 22, 2006.

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    So as the lady that helps with getting you finger printed is working dilegently to try and get the machine to accept my wifes almost non existent fingerprint(Apparently) a young guy comes in to get fingerprinted for an renewal GFL(Expired maybe). He mentions that he has a DUI since his last permit was issued. The lady says this shouldn't be an issue. A few minutes later an officer comes in and arrests him for an outstanding warrant! Apparently he hadn't gotten that DUI taken care of. What the hell was this guy thinking? Hope it wasn't anyone from this forum. :oops:
  2. Black Ice

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    no thats some funny mess! :lol:

  3. Gunstar1

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    Thats as good as the "Dumbest Criminals" one where a guy went to the police station to see his arrested friend. He was nervous at having all the cops around so to calm himself he lights up a joint in the waiting room.

    Dang I miss that show, bought the book though.
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    I've heard of people actually applying for police officer jobs only to be arrested for warrants when called in for an interview.
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    While i was in the recruiting process to apply for a position I saw this happen. We were taking an entrance exam and they escorted 2 people out of the room, later to be arrested! Now how do you try to become an officer knowing you have committed crimes and then go into the lions den and make it easy for them to get you!

    Criminals I tell you!