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My First Wheel Gun

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I got my baby out of jail last week, Ruger Security Six, blued, 4inch barrel, .357mag. I like Ruger firearms and I was waiting to find a good deal on a GP100 but this popped up and I grabbed it immediately. Been in lay-a-way jail for a little while but I finally got her out.

Firm and healthy hefty she's got a lot of life still in her, action is nice and crisp, timing seems very good with very little play in it, not sloppy. She's got a couple of rust spots towards the barrel end but nothing out of control.

For my first wheel gun, I don't think that I could have done anything better than this dark beauty, especially the price. Next thing is to find some original grips as I don't think these are true to the revolver, find out how to control the rust and get a holster made for her.

Revolver Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory

Revolver Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory
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She's purty. Nice find and good buy.
Not bad she looks nice , you won’t be sorry !
The Security Six was available with several different grips in style and materials. Including the grips you have. While they could have been changed chances are those are original to the gun you have.
Another convert to the Truth of the Wheel. Well Done Good Sir, Well Done.

Someday each and every one you shall have an opportunity to see the light that emanates from the perfection of the wheelgun and if you are worthy, it you too could be blessed and accepted into the ranks of the wheelgun believers.

Those are pachmayr grips and they are very nice. I have a pair of pachmayr presentation grips on my Dan Wesson 15-2 revolver. They feel better than the wooden target grips that I have. Nice wheel gun btw!
Brings back memories. My very first handgun, nearly 30 years ago, was a Ruger Service Six.
Looks new.

My speed six looks like it bounced around in the bed of a pick up truck for 20 years but I'll never sell it.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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