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My first CC experience

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I thought that I would share with you guys my first CC experience from years back.

I was carrying my full sized Kimber 1911 model in a Galco scout IWB holster. I was concealing it under a long, untucked camp shirt in the fall. I knew that no one could see it but I am sure I was favoring the gun.

We stopped to eat at the Varsity in downtown Atlanta. Because I knew I was favoring the hip, I decided not to wear it into the restaurant but there were some thuggish looking people paying particular attention to us and our car from the car next to us. They would have seen me take it off my hip and put it away. So I was stuck, I wasnt' leaving it to be stolen.

We went in and gave my wife the money to order and decided the safest thing to do was to sit down and keep cool. I had just sat down when a police officer that normally patrols the Varsity walked by and I thought .....' hmmm'. We made eye contact and I just gave him a nod of the head. I acted cool and then it happened. He walked on by and looked right back at the area where I had the gun behind my right hip. I thought "ahhh crap, he is going to come over here and make me pull it out and everyone is going to FREAK out and run....I am probably going to make the NEWS". But he kept going.

My wife finally came with the food and we ate. I waited for him to come by again...this time he glanced at the family with me and kept going. We were done so I told everyone that it was time to go and I took the tray and dumped it. I was talking to my wife at the time and turned around after dumping the tray and there he was again. Almost toe to toe. He asked me "how is it going?"....."Great, and you?"....."very well".....then I just stood there waiting for what happened next. He finally told me "have a good one"....."yeah, you too be safe".

After starting researching the horrid GA CC laws, I realized that had that cop wanted to arrest me, he probably could have done so without a bit of resistance. I think he might have thought I was perhaps an undercover cop or something similar....high and tight, jelly on my chin (that was a joke), etc.

Because of the CC laws in the state they are in, I would now leave it in the car for fear that he would call it a public gathering. But at the time, I was young and was excited about exercising my new rights.

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Read State vs Burns

The Varsity is not a public gathering.
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newarcher said:
Had I been wearing dreds, ankle crotched pants, and gold teeth, I am certain I would have been taken down town. Most officers are ignorant of the law and virtually none understand it to be the same....even among the same departments.
Not likely. Officers are better trained than you suppose, and they have better things to do than arrest people with a carry permit.

Remember State vs Burns is case law. No chance at a prosecution. The laws here are not that bad.
The one documented case in the last few years resulted in a dismissal and a couple of officers who will not make that mistake again.
Thats why its called Law Enforcement not Opinion Enforcement.
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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