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My entry into the Evil Black Rifle club:

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For the album:

Double Star Corporation lower
Rock River 24" stainless upper
Harris Bipod
Barska 6-24x50 scope

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cdtracing said:
Nice build. Have you shot it yet? How do you like the Ace SOCOM stock?

Havent had a chance to shoot it yet.. maybe this weekend if I get feeling better. That stock is freakin solid. It is adjustable in 1" increments. Works great as a carry handle actually. I replaced the butt pad with a more cushioned rubber pad cause the one that came on it was a very solid dense rubber pad. I'll make sure to post an update after I have unleashed the awesomeness.
AeroShooter said:
Are those pink magazines?
Are you joking or are you colorblind? :shock: :?:
Those mags are primer gray.. they might have a very very slight pink tinge because of the maroon table cloth that it is above combined with the camera flash. . . but they are most definitely GRAY.
So as a follow-up.. I finally got to take this bad boy out to the range today. So the scope wasn't even bore sighted so it took me a little while to get it on the paper, but after doing so, it is DEAD ON BALLS accurate! I had like .25"-.5" groupings at 100 yds. And for those of you that had any questioning of Barska scopes, I am now sold on them. The turret adjustments are 1/8" 'on-target' adjustments. Probably the best scope for the money out there. I was firing this from a bench rest most of the time, but I fired a mag prone too. Truly an awesome rifle.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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