My amateur gardening disasters this season (so far).

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    Here's a "don't try this at home story"

    Read on the internet about epsom salt (magnesium sulfate).

    As a dilute foliar spray it is supposed to be good for plants especially in my Texas hill country alky soil.

    It really perked up my hibiscus, lots of blooms this past month from a plant that has been quiet all year.

    It damaged severely one of my five fall tomato plants, but after a month it is coming back.
    The other tomato plants were not hurt or helped by it. They are all different types of tomato.

    As to a dozen other of my yard and garden plants of various types, the epsom spray killed half of them, and killed them within a few days. I'm in big trouble with the lady of the house.

    Oh, and I neglected visiting my garden for a couple days and found my biggest tomato plant was being eaten (already half gone) by a giant green caterpillar (researched and found it to be the five-spotted moth species). He was very large, but exactly the same shade of green as the tomato stalk. His poop, the same exact color.

    Nature is pretty amazing, (thanks to that Darwin guy + DNA (genetic miracles of inert chemical molecules). Moth / butterfly life cycle workings are truly unbelievable.

    Speaking of Darwin (which is a bad idea for scientists):