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  1. I have an interesting circumstance to convey here along with a question...... i was talking to my neighbor about how it was taking way too long to get my permit issued.... 94 days and counting.... he said he got his a few months ago and after his 90 days was up.... which is what he was told at time of application.... he called up there adn they told him that his GBI wasnt back, but he should just head on in and they would give it to him since his waiting time was over...... he went and picked it up.... he showed it to me and it is not even signed by a probate judge.... it was signed by the clerk and under the signature line where it says "judge, probate court" teh judge is scratched out and "clerk" is written in in blue ink...... my question is: how can this happen and is his permit actually valid being signed by a clerk???????? // i mean it is the same clerk that signed my wife and my marriage certificate... i thought that was funny.
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    The Judge signed mine, but I would say that issuing the license after the 60 day time is expired is the correct thing to do (even if they are not doing it automatically but only for those who complain).

  3. yes but do you think his is still valid??? being signed by a clerk, and not by a judge