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    3 gun matches are pretty popular in the Atl metro.

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    I can see how it would be useful in some areas, but I just dont see it coming into play in Afghanistan. That place is a long ball game and everyone is doing the exact opposite. I dont get it?!?
    Most contact was taken from 300 all the way out to 1000m and sometimes farther. The Marine Core and Army think we need to do focus on close quarters and run and gun tactics but I dont see why. The Army is closing down its Long Range Marksmanship program (which is outstanding) and getting rid of the M14. My unit sent ours away and hacked the entire SDM thought process. So now Im a squad leader without an M14 in my squad!!!!! :x

    Maybe its just me, but there are too many guys making decisions about training with no "real" experience...

    Conversation with a higher ranking NCO earlier this year during some training similar to 3 gun competitions:

    High ranking NCO pulled some of use aside and asked us for our opinions....

    Me: "Why are we training on skills that I know for a fact my soldiers will probably never use?"
    Him: "What are you talking about! This is great training and useful in real world environments"
    Me: "How is it real world? Everything we are shooting at here is within 150m. We need to go to Grezelka (our 600m range) and train more on the long ball game"
    Him: "I never shot farther than 50m in Iraq! Why do we need to focus on long range skills? Did you even fire your weapon during deployment!?"
    (This top level NCO just arrived and doesnt know anyone in the unit)
    Me: "Roger (rank here), plenty"
    Him: "How far?"
    Me: "90% of the time it was 300m or beyond with a good amount of it outwards of 800m"
    Him: "Well maybe thats just your experience, this is what we need to train on now"

    This is when I looked around at the fellow NCO's listening in that were deployed with me... They all feel the same way I do. We then continued training the short shot game... :roll: