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    Hi I’m from California I’m most likely moving out here, I work between Peachtree city and Atlanta and would like to buy a house in Fayetteville county or in the surrounding area. I was wondering how much property I would need so I can have a shooting range. Thank you for any advise.
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    State law says no shooting within 50 yards of any street or road.

    State law says each city and county can choose to have more restrictions on shooting, and most DO. Counties can even ban recreational shooting entirely, if that's a reasonable restriction (expect there will always be exceptions for public-access shooting ranges operated as a business with the appropriate building permits, environmental impact compliance, and a valid business license.)

    Check out MUNICODE.Com to see the restrictions in those counties which you're considering moving to.

    Also, consider that anti-shooting ordinances might not be the only ones involved. Your shooting may violate some general noise ordinance that bans unusually loud or annoying noises regardless of their source.

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    Fayette County is very restrictive.

    Sec. 16-4. - Discharging firearms.

    Unlawful act; exceptions. It shall be unlawful to discharge a firearm within the confines of the county, except in the protection of a person's life or property:


    Within 100 yards of a public roadway;


    Within 200 yards of the dwelling house of another;


    Within 200 yards of a county or other municipal or licensed recreation area; and


    In such a manner as to endanger another's life, limb or property.

    The discharge of shotguns under the foregoing conditions shall be permitted in any residential zone provided the parcel of land being used is ten acres or larger in size and OO buckshot or smaller ammunition is used in the shotgun. The discharge of rifles, pistols or shotguns under the foregoing conditions is permitted within any residential zone, A-R (agricultural-residential) zone or any planned unit development zoning district which has been specifically approved for a planned retreat or lodge provided the parcel of land being used is 25 acres or larger in size.
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    Per an old post by another longtime member here who lives in Coweta County, the Coweta gun discharge ordinances are among the worst in the state.
    They ban shooting within 100 yards of any dwelling
    (I assume that includes your own home) and 50 yards from any property line without express permission of that adjoining landowner.