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    I'm moving from FL (where I have a cwp) to GA.

    1) Does reciprocity mean that my FL cwp license will cover me in GA until it expires in 2011?

    2) When I do apply for GA licensure, will the process be at all streamlined since I have a cwp from another state, or will I be like any other new applicant?

    3) Where can one find a list of Glock dealers? I am specifically looking for one in the FL panhandle between Pensacola and Fort Walton Beach or possibly in the ATL area after I move.

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    You have to apply for a GA permit (GFL/Georgia Firearms License) I think when you change residency (someone else can clarify).

    Reciprocity means that GA and FL recognize each others permits, not that you can use your former permit.

    I'm pretty sure you'll be like any other applicant. Isn't there a training requirement in FL? There isn't one in GA and I believe it's cheaper in GA.

    As far as Glock dealers go, I'm not familiar with the gun shops in either of those areas. I'm sure other members will chime in.

    Hope all that helped, and welcome. Enjoy your stay. :wave:

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    I moved from FL about 6 years ago. I am not sure if you are required by law or not to get a GFL when your residency changes to GA. I did and the process was a lot easier than the FL one.

    You will need to update your address on your FL CCW. When I called to do that, I was given the option to get a new card reflecting my new address which would have cost $x (I forget). They told me I didn't have to as it was changed in the system. They also updated it to a non-resident permit at that time. I opted to keep my old permit. I have sense renewed my FL permit and have my correct address on it. (The FL permit is valid in more states than the GA one, which is the main reason I kept it in addition to the GA one)

    Keep in mind your FL CCW will not exempt you from the background check in GA when you purchase a firearm.

    As for your FL being valid in GA once your a resident, I'm not really sure, this may be a gray area. If you have a valid non-residents FL permit, I would think so, unless their is a law that states as a resident you are required to get a GA one.

    Yes, the GA permit is far cheaper than the FL...and it looks it. (The GA one is simply a laminated piece of paper with your finger print on it..not even your picture) I'm always afraid out of state if I would be asked to see my permit, they would cuff-n-stuff me based on the GA permit...which is another reason to keep your FL one, it actually looks similar to a drivers license.

    As for glocks, I think every gun shop sells them...There is a list of ranges/dealers on that you could start with. I'm not too sure how up to date it is though.
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    GA will no longer recognize your FL CWP after you move to GA.
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    I did not know that. Did you find that on a GA website? I couldn't find anything other than the note on
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    Once you are a resident of Georgia no other permit can be used. You must obtain the GFL to be legal.
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    Not a CCL answer but something that is often over looked by people moving to GA is that you have 30 days to get a GA drivers license unless you are a student or in the military. After 30 days you are considered an UNLICENSED driver.

    As for the CCL, once you establish GA residency your FL resident CCL would not cover you as you would no longer be a resident of FL. I am not certain if a FL non-resident permit would be honored in GA if you are a GA resident, but I think it would not.

    As for Glock dealers, Glocks can be found pretty much anywhere and everywhere. There are several good shops in the metro-Atlanta area.[/i]
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    If you don't mind a little drive north of ATL, then I know a great shop that always has low prices on new Glocks.
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    1. No, as stated above you have 30 days to get your GA Drivers License. Once you do you are considered a GA resident. Once you are a GA resident, you can only carry in GA with a GFL. No other resident or non-resident permit/license that you have (does not matter if it has not expired) is valid for GA residents inside GA.
    Subsection e of GA Code 16-11.126 ... ection=126
    2. You are a new applicant,

    3. don't know
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    Which is a PITA, let me tell you.

    When I first moved to GA from TN, I was sharing an apartment with a friend. Everything was in their name...apartment, electric, water, gas, etc.

    I tried to go get a GA driver's license...and they *refused* to let me. Why? Because I couldn't "establish residency". I didn't have a utility bill in my name, and they wouldn't count a paycheck stub.

    So, I was "visiting" Georgia for 2 years. 8) When I was finally able to save up the cash and get my own place, pay deposits, etc...then I had a utility bill in my name and could do it.


    As for Glock...why not just go to Smyrna (small town just outside of Atlanta on the NW side) where their factory is. 8)
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    You can open carry knives, though. And they can be as big as you want. There may be local ordinances that restrict that, however (read: Atlanta).
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    Tag taggggggg.

    Great thread, I may move to GA as well in the future.....
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    You'll want to check out that blue banner at the bottom when you do . . .
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    After about two weeks of comparing the laws of GA VS FL, I think we may just move to North Florida.

    Lots of luggage goes along with the GA permit....