Moved from NY to here, Hello to All!!!

Discussion in 'Welcome New Members' started by BourneEBR, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. BourneEBR

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    Hey everyone!

    My wife and I, we are a young newly wed couple that moved from Long Island, NY, all the way here to Marietta last month, and we ABSOLUTELY love it here! We don't ever want to go back to that horrible state that we grew up in haha. Being only 21 and 23 (tomorrow is my birthday!!!) we decided that we needed to live in a place where we can get more for our money.

    One of my big hobbies back home was firearms, and being prepared, and NY is very liberal and doesnt want its citizens armed, so coming here to GA and seeing how things are here were astonishing! I went to a gun show in Cobb Civic Center (?) and I was amazed that they even let you hold the handguns! In NY, you werent even allowed to hold them without a permit. Even last sunday, i went to Trigger Time, took out my long locked up AR (seeing that it had i had a telescoping stock and that was illegal back home) and i also rented a handgun. Also, almost every gun shop i walked into, the people working were nice, respectful, informative, and pleasant, unlike NY gun shops.

    So, I am looking into getting my drivers license transffered over tomorrow, and hopefully getting a concealed carry permit soon, and getting some training. Looking forward to spending time on this forum, learning as much as I can, and I feel totally at home! Thanks Guys!
  2. foxtrotterz

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    Wow, big changes for you in the last few months. Congrats to you and your wife, happy birthday, welcome to GA and welcome to GPDO. We look forward to further discussions with you. Glad you got outta NY and down here to our beautiful state, usually its not so friggin cold!

  3. foxtrotterz

    foxtrotterz New Member

    Oh, and Woodstock is next door to Marietta, just north by a couple minutes literally. PM me if you would like to sit down and talk about the area or ever have questions or need help with anything. I am not a native to this side of town, but have been here over 5 years. And before that I grew up about 30 minutes east of here.
  4. SheriffOconee

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    Well, we are glad to have you shootin' and carrying firearms, for that, we welcome you to Georgia.

    A couple of things....
    We EAT grits down here.......
    Barbeque is slow cooked pork.....
    Coke is a soft drink, any soft drink. We don't have "pop" or "soda" down here. Everything is a Coke.
    There ain't nowhere to get your snowmachine fixed, or your snowblower tuned up. Leave them in New York
    Schools close if a 1/4 inch of snow falls. So will your office. Laugh if you want to, but that is how we do it here.
    Go to the Varsity and order hot dogs. You need the experience.
    There ain't no State Police. There are Sheriff's Offices, City Police, and in very few places, County Police. The State Patrol works the interstate, they don't generally work things other than traffic.
    The County Government is where you get your car tags, pay your property taxes, vote, and do most everything else.
    There are over 30 Peachtree Streets of one variety or another in Metro Atlanta. Buy a GPS, and you will still get lost.
    The Yankees burned Atlanta a long time ago. Some folks ain't over it yet. Some folks wish Sherman would run for Governor and burn it again. Just depends who you are talkin' to.
    Eat at the Waffle House. You need the experience. Any Waffle House. They are everywhere.
    Krispy Kreme makes the best donuts.

    Welcome to Georgia....and hope you stick around
  5. a-squared

    a-squared New Member

    Hahaha, wonderful post Sherriff.

    Welcome to GA :)
  6. rainmaker

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    Your post reminded me of something that happened when my girl-friend had just moved here from Illinois. There was an ad in our Clayton, GA newspaper that said "Free Handgun Safety Course for women sponsored by Rabun County Sheriff's Department. Bring a weapon and 25 rounds of ammunition to the range on Saturday". She said, "Is this for REAL???" I assured her it was, that the local police would actually teach her how to shoot! Things ARE different here.

  7. jdh31313

    jdh31313 Active Member

    Welcome from Hinesville!
  8. Alex

    Alex Member

    Made the move with my then girlfriend (now wife of 2 months) 4+ years ago. I lived in Queens, she lived in Orange County.

    I spent a couple years browsing GPDO and now carry daily. The wife also has her GFL but has yet to purchase her first firearm.

    Welcome to Georgia and whatever you do, do NOT confuse UGA with any other GA uni.
  9. BG_Atl

    BG_Atl Active Member

    SheriffO.... it took me years to learn all these things... were the devil were you when I moved here from Long Island... 25 years ago... ?

    BourneEBR -
    Having also grown up on the Island (south shore... Jones Beach, Lido Beach, LIE and Sunrise Hwy...) I can tell you first hand... ya done good... !!!

    Welcome :righton:
  10. Savvy Jack

    Savvy Jack Banned


    The Sheriff left out one more. Just because I wear a western style hat doesn't mean I am a cowboy.....I ain't got no cows!

    Remember, in Georgia it is a "Weapons Licence", you can carry openly or concealed a gun or other weapons! :righton:
  11. BSCLibertarian

    BSCLibertarian I'm kind of a big deal

    WSB - Welcome South, Brother :righton:
  12. gunsmoker

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    Welcome South!
    I moved here from the other end of New York (Buffalo) many years ago. I had an unrestricted carry permit up there and was a member of a gun club, but you're right it's not a gun-friendly state.
    When I visited NYC and L.I. a couple years ago, I make a point to stop by every gun store I could find (2 of them) and shooting range (one .... on Long Island, a public indoor range located right next to a university of all things!)
    I rember the crazy rules--- can't touch a handgun without showing your permit, and if you BUY a pistol you can't take it home until you bring the receipt to the pistol permit office and have them type your new gun's serial number on your permit. (I wonder how many crimes have been solved that way over the last 100 years? My guess is NONE.)

    Anyhow, enjoy the freedom of the South.
    P.S. Don't mess it up by suggesting more toll booths on the highways, more levels of government (County, City, Town, Villiage, etc.), and more restrictions on what we can do on our own property (have a bonfire in the back yard, ride a dirt bike or ATV around, put up a new fence without getting a building permit and having an inspector come out to "approve" the site..... leave Big Brother behind!

    North Georgia's character and culture has already changed quite a lot over the last 25 years, mainly from all the northern transplants moving down here. But as long as you assimilate, we'll all get along.
  13. budder

    budder Moderator Staff Member

    Welcome to GA!
  14. BourneEBR

    BourneEBR New Member

    THANKS EVERYONE! I def feel at home here
  15. latter_day_hippie

    latter_day_hippie Well-Known Member

    As a fellow reformed Yankee (originally a child of Brooklyn, Islip and Greenwich Village), I heartily congratulate you on your move south. Welcome!
  16. fmlaw1

    fmlaw1 Active Member

    Welcome BourneEBR! You seem to be on the right path already.

    S.O., you are a sage!
  17. dam294

    dam294 Active Member

    Welcome to GA. and GPDO! :wave:
  18. seereus

    seereus Active Member

    If you live in a Rural area, and hear shooting, ignore it, unless there are rounds coming in your direction.

    Down here if it has fur or scales, and moves, we eat it.
  19. hamster

    hamster Member

    Welcome from Lagrange.
    I agree with SHERIFFO except DAYLIGHT DONUTS are better than krispy kreme. Enjoy yourself and shoot any time you can get a chance.