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Motorcycle Helmet Recommendations

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Hey All,

Wondering if I could get some recommendations on full face motorcycle helmets? I've been looking at Arai's and Shoei's, but they are crazy pricey. If I can get some confirmation that they're worth it I'll buy one in a heartbeat (my head is worth a good bit to me), but does anyone know of any less expensive brands that perform as well?

I'm getting a Suzuki Intruder (cruiser), I've got about 2.5 yrs riding experience, but I've been out of the saddle for about 2 years now.
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Well, I've been riding since 1970. Raced motocross (in it's infancy), did trials, TT, road racing, hill climbing and enduro. For many years I had no car only a bike, even in the winter. I've ridden from sea to shining sea literally. I've been hit nine times, yeah nine by women drivers and once by a man (a story on it's own). I've seen bodies splattered on the track as well as the roads and lost a few friends along the way.

Here is what my experiences have taught me. DOT approved does not mean :censored:. It's the easiest thing to get. If it does not say SNELL approved I won't buy it. It's the highest in approval and testing.

I started with an open face Bell and after seeing a friends face (or what was left of it), I went to a full coverage Bell star and within months it proved its worth when I T boned a woman running a stop sign. I went face first into the pavement at 50mph. Helmet destroyed, face intact less a scrape on my nose. The front almost ground away from the road and a big crack in the helmet from impact, I had a concussion and could not talk for a day or so but I was alive. My Bell had saved my life.

Skip ahead a few years and a new shoei full coverage and another woman driver hitting me from the rear (stop light) tossing me over the car in front of me and into traffic where my head was run over by a Ford F-150. A DeKalb paramedic on the other side of the intersection came running up and I can clearly remember him saying "I thought you were dead for sure" as I was bleeding from my nose and had put some teeth through my lip so there was blood all over my face. Into the hospital with my helmet still on only to be cut off once I was in the ER.
Quality construction had saved me again and again a SNELL approved helmet that refused to be crushed.

You can by a DOT only approved helmet or the modular crap that will open up on impact exposing the face, yeah sure go right ahead (that's why it's not Snell approved). It's your life. Me, I pay the price for a $500 SNELL approved every damn time. I'm living proof high quality construction and high standards in testing saves lives.
Feels good to be alive, with all my teeth. I've done a lot of research on this, seen a lot of crashes, frankly my life is worth the best. I will not compromise on helmets or lots of leather and protective gear even in the summer.

It's your life, make your choices.
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martin_j001 said:
kineticmind said:
[quote="martin_j001":r42jv2rs]As for ICON, I'm guessing there is a reason that it hasn't been mentioned before now. The brand on the whole cares more about looks than quality or function.
I'm guessing you've never bothered wearing any of their gear. Quality and function is on par with plenty of top name retailers and their prices are competitive. Like every other retailer out there, Icon is in the business of making money... but at least they do it in style. :wink:
Certainly haven't bothered to wear it, as my opinion stated--it costs too much for what it is. MY own research has shown sub-par construction of gear (even happens with Alpinestars lower end stuff), I don't feel a need to test it out. Either way, if you've gotten good stuff from them, cool--as I said in regards to helmets, everyone should believe in what their using. :righton:[/quote:r42jv2rs]
None of the line is SNELL approved. Mostly because of the Injection molded Polycarbonate shell. Polycarbonate gets severely degraded by gas/ oil/ paint, common substances found everyday. No Polycarbonate helmet has ever been approved by SNELL if I recall. Even small amounts can damage the helmet over time to the point where even a small impact will cause failure of the helmet. I knew this 20 years ago before you could 'cloud' proper information.

This is why you must pay close attention to what you put on your head. Even the paint job if not done with the proper mixture will kill a helmet. It will crack along the paint lines on impact and sometimes with no impact, the shell just separates because of the chemicals. Polycarbonate is famous for this. Yeah it looks cool with all the metalflake in the layers but offers little protection.

I have no dog in this fight. I only offer information that is not clouded by any product loyalty. My only intention is to wipe away any media hype and lay down the facts as I know them. Many of you have children that ride, I would hate for anything to happen to a child that could have been dealt with by buying properly tested & evaluated equipment. Forty five years on two wheels has taught me a lot.

If it's not SNELL approved you don't want it. I don't care how cool it looks.
From their website.
All World Standard, meets or exceeds the following: DOT FMVSS 218(US), ECE 22-05(Europe), SAI AS1698(Australia) & SG (Japan) safety and testing standards. Does not ship with SAI or SG certification stickers unless purchased from an authorized dealer in that country
No where on any helmet does it say SNELL APPROVED. If you had the highest approval in the world would you not have it in the specs cert area? Some are PC based, no PC based helmet will ever be SNELL approved.

Might want to check your info.
I stand corrected. On the ICON line even though I looked pretty well.

One fact remains, PC helmets degrade with the common chemicals and compounds found in riding. I've seen it many times. You could not give me one. This was not covered in the tests, but it ought be, it's simple reality. I'll take a laminated helmet every time.
I'll take the stiffer SNELL helmet still. I honestly think that's what kept that F-150 from crushing my skull into bloody mush. I had 7 mangled helmets on the wall for many years. All but one full coverage and all SNELL.
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