Most reckless bus driver. Ever.

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    How's this for fatal stupidity:

    A school bus driver, with kids on board, drives down a rural road in Texas on a rainy day (and obviously following much heavier rains earlier) and comes to a bridge where the river or creek has flooded over it.

    The top few inches of what are normally 3-feet tall reflective posts on each side of the bridge approach are visible. So even 50 yards or more from the center of the bridge, the water's already nearly 3 feet deep.

    In the middle of the crossing, no part of the bridge is visible. It's probably under 4 feet or more of fast-moving water that is visibly churning up whitewater.

    The driver guesses where the bridge ought to be under there and GOES FOR IT!

    Well, by the time the water reaches the middle of his hood (about 5 feet on most full size school buses) the bus is FLOATED right off the edge of the bridge and downstream. It floats pretty well, evenly balanced, and goes for about half a mile downstream before it gets hung-up and stuck, tipped at a 40-degree angle.

    Thankfully, everybody was rescued alive.

    And the moron driver is facing criminal charges, including reckless endangerment of his passengers.
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    Yeah, that definitely could have killed some kids. You would think a bus driver would have better judgment.

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    One student on board. Read intro to liveleak video above.

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    Those dang Russians ....
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    Bus number 333. Hmmmmm....... He should have had a premonition of something kinda bad.

    Mr. Deyoung should sue the county road dept, or whoever has responsibility, for not building the bridge in a manner capable of allowing traversing the river in a safe manner. That'll show'em. :popcorn: