Mossberg Plinkster 702

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Brian618, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. Brian618

    Brian618 New Member

    Picked one of these up today for my 11 year old son at Dick's for $109 w/ $10 off coupon. I couldn't pass oit up for that price. Came with a Bantam 4x scope. All in all a great deal. Taking it out to Advanced Bullets in Temple to run a few hundred round through it.

    Here's a photo from Mossberg's site.

  2. ptsmith24

    ptsmith24 New Member

    Nice. Let us know how it shoots.

  3. Brian618

    Brian618 New Member

    Took it out to the range yesterday and the boy was shooting 2" groups with it at 100 yards. Ahhh to be young again.

    All in all a good little plinking rifle, especially for the price. We ended up shooting about 500 rounds through it
  4. Adam5

    Adam5 Atlanta Overwatch

    Have you had a chance to shoot it much? I may be picking one up tomorrow....
  5. JiG

    JiG Awaiting censure

    I had one of those. I picked mine up for 85.00 at Wally World back in the day. When i saw it for that price, i had to pick it up. After i bought mine, i kept watching the price on them go up and up. A month later it was 90.00. And of course up to where it is today.

    It shot decent. I did have a few jams with it. From what i have researched on it, you take your chances. Some are great, some aren't.

    Right before i bought my house, i bought a 10/22. My thinking is that when guests came over, i could shoot my 10/22 and the guests could shoot the mossberg. That didn't happen like i planned. Everybody wanted to shoot the 10/22. I ended up giving the mossberg to a mil friend of mine. He uses it more than i did which is cool with me cause all it did was sit in the safe.

    For the price though, its not bad at all.

    But i do recommend chucking out the extra cash and getting the Ruger.