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I am looking to trade a very lightly used Mossberg Maverick 88 Security (barrel is interchangeable with Mossberg 500 model barrels) This trade includes everything you see in the pictures below. This is a great Home Defense Shotgun. I already have a Remington 870 so I don't really need this and would like to pick up something else interesting
  • 8 Shot Capacity 7 + 1
    Chambered for up to 3" shells
    20" Cylinder Bore Barrel
    Hi-Viz (Green) Front Sight Bead (Not Stock, I added it)
Also Included:
  • ATI Top Folding Stock w/ Pistol Grip
    ATI Shotshell Holder (Mounted to stock)
    43 #7 1/2 Shotshells (Winchester and Federal)
    15 00 Buckshot shells (Remington Express)
    30 Slugs (Remington Express)
    USGI 7.62 ammo can to hold the shells
Interested in trading for (in no particular order):
  • .22 Target Pistol (i.e. Mark II/III, Buckmark, etc)
    Pistols (Chambered in .45 or 9mm only please, nothing against the Fotay :lol: just don't want to add another caliber)
    Revolver (Prefer something in the 686 size, but will consider any, I have a soft spot for wheel guns)
    Over/Under Shotgun or perhaps a Coach gun
    AK or SKS and variants
    Lever Gun
    anything else that may be interesting

I am willing to meet pretty much anywhere in the metro Atlanta area to conduct the trade so let me see what you got :lol:

I will be out of town all day Saturday, but back early afternoon Sunday so I will return messages as soon as I can.


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ptsmith24 said:
What's your cash price?
Not really looking for cash, Wife would confiscate it and I would be down 1 gun. I would rather trade.
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