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SOLD TO RICKM- Great guy!!

Mossberg 500 Persuader 20" 8 shot. Comes with 6rd (i think) side plate thats mounted on the gun for extra zombie ammo. This gun has never been fired just loaded and set in my closet. I also have the original box. Comes with pistol grip and extra standard stock. Being that the pistol grip is mounted on the gun you must be 21 to buy. If your not 21 i will sell it to you without the pistol grip for the same price. 15 rounds of buckshot will come with it so you have some ammo right away.

[s:rfqsvipj]350.00[/s:rfqsvipj] 300.00 CASH OBRO
GADL is a must. GFL/GWL Preferred.

FTF Cobb/Cherokee or half way between me and you as long as you don't live in Savannah!

PM me any questions.
Thanks and have a nice day!

*EDIT*- Forgot to add this. There is currently a light mounted on the end of the mag tube. There may be a slight scratch from where its been attached. Just want to make sure i disclose it all :righton: If you are interested in the light ill let it go for less than you can find it for on the net.

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