Mosin 91/30 stripper clips?

Discussion in 'Firearm Related' started by gunsmoker, Apr 17, 2019.

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    in a few weeks, I'm going to attend the John C Garand weekend and vintage military rifle shoot at River Bend Gun Club. One of my friends is going to come and shoot for the first time (his 1st time at an established range with a centerfire rifle.)

    He will be borrowing a mutual friend's a Mosin-Nagant. The owner of that rifle does not have any stripper clips. Is there a local source in the north side of Atlanta to buy a couple of five round stripper clips for the 91/30? We only need one but two would be nice. My friend can give them to the owner of the rifle when he returns it as a "thank you" for letting him borrow it for the match.

    I see that I can order some online, for about 10 bucks for one including shipping, $4 dollars each for two or three, and only two bucks each in larger quantities.

    But if there's a store that has some nearby I would rather just buy one in person. I already checked with both of the army-navy stores in Marietta, as well as TruPrep.
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    I have some and will be in Kennesaw on the 24th for training at the Chrysler school on Chastain Meadows. I will also be there on 5/2, I will check my training schedule tomorrow and pm you with more details.