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I fully agree. Stupid laws, or at least, stupid penalities for violating them. But there are lots of stupid laws and stupid penalties on the books.

Laws prohibiting concealed carry of weapons at "public gatherings" for instance...

Laws that prohibit selling booze on Sunday...

Laws that.... you get the idea.

Why do we send someone to prison for posession of illegal drugs for a longer period of time than someone who committed a violent crime. And why are so many drug penalties of the "no parole" variety while truly violet crimes are not?

Why do we have anti-drug laws at all? Something like 40% or 50% of the people currently in prison are there on drug charges. For women, the number is much higher.

Just think of the money we'd save if we ended the war on drugs...

Unless they're stealing to support their habit, most druggies hurt (physically, I'm not talking about what it does to their families) no one but themselves. Treatment and help kicking the habit has got to be cheaper than prison!

Unfortunately, laws are created by politicians. I don't know how many of those people you know personally, but very damn few of the ones I've met could qualify to join MENSA...

Very damn few indeed!!!

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