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livesounder said:
Setting aside the entitlement aspect for a moment, what is a government employee doing shopping in the middle of the day?
Government employees are typically allowed to eat lunch in the middle of the day, and allowed the option to purchase it from delis similar to those that are often located inside grocery stores. In addition, they are generally allowed to purchase snacks or drinks throughout the day. Furthermore, some government employees have jobs which require basic supplies such as pens or paper, and in the event an employee finds himself without such supplies en route to a meeting or other job function, it would be reasonable for him to stop and procure such supplies. Shall I go on?

EDIT to add: I am even aware of cases where government employees have gone shopping for clothes during the workday, for perfectly legitimate reasons including clothing somehow being ruined prior to a meeting or an unexpected overnight trip.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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