More Details on Kimberly Boyd

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    A friend pointed me to this site, which provides more details from the husband of the victim. This is certainly different from the way the news articles portrayed it. Heartbreaking, but this woman sounded pretty clever,and she was a fighter.
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    tragic story

    Good post. Informative. Wow. Amazing the kind of human scum vermin predators that our criminal justice system turns loose on our wifes, mothers, daughters, and sisters, eh?

    Too bad this pretty young mother didn't have a gun. Maybe she could have put a couple rounds into the thug's temple while he was just pulling out of the parking lot, before he got up to highway speed. There would probably have been a crash anyway, but then she'd likely be the one running from the wreck and he'd be the one they find dead in the car.

    Good job to Mr. Roberts, the armed citizen who intervened. He probably saved one or more innocent families from some future heartbreak that that scumbag would have inflicted in some future attack.

    I don't like the stuff about "holding banks accountable" for crimes that involve ATMs. At first glance what he's proposing would be expensive, a hassle, often abused and prone to false alarms, AND, worst of all, it would be ineffective. Just what would the result be if some bank customer, forced to the ATM at gunpoint by a thug, pushes the "911" button?

    The transaction is cancelled and the thief goes home empty handed? The victim can cause this result already by entering the wrong PIN number. Do it multiple times and the ATM will confiscate the card and that's the end of that. No money.

    A siren goes off, lights flash, a bunch of cameras start taking pictures from every angle? Well, that might cause the bad guy to leave. But, like screaming for help, it might cause the bad guy to get angry and use violence against the victim. And how often would this "911" button be pushed by accident, by legitimate ATM users, or drunks, or curious children? Pretty often, I'd think.

    Instead of, or in addition to, the siren and lights and cameras being activated, a 911 call to local police is automatically placed? Now what good is that going to do? Will the kidnapper and victim still be there several minutes later when the cops show up? Not likely. Will the cops know what the people look like or what kind of car they're in? No, not unless the cops roll up while that vehicle is still at the ATM. Will this information help cops distinguish between, let's say, a "runaway bride" with cold feet and a genuine kidnap victim? Sure it would-- a day or two later, when the data is examined and the photos printed, long after the kidnapper has already either released the victim or killed her.

    {SARCASM ON} What we really need is a law that makes it a 30-year felony to carry a deadly weapon within 1000 feet of a bank or ATM machine. That will stop those kidnappers in their tracks! {Sarcasm OFF}