More boiling blood; my tax dollars at "work"

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    Job security, it seems. Only it is at the cost of my tax dollars and more importantly our soldiers' lives. No time should be wasted in investigating, convicting, and potentially executing those responsible. :evil: :evil: :evil:
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    sounds like job security to me as well. I watched a news report on this a while back about translators and what not. It turns out we hired alot of translators to work for us over there and what seems to have been happening was the translators would make @#[email protected]#$ up in regards to intelligence and what not and give the soldiers the wrong idea.

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    Did y'all bother looking at who is on that particular Senate committee?
    Did y'all stop to consider that maybe, just maybe, our success in Afghanistan is not their end goal?
    Maybe these same folks, the people who tried to cripple our strategy in Iraq at every opportunity, are attempting to be a bit more subtle in their subversive activities this time.

    I wouldn't believe anything coming out of any Congressional committee without massive amount of corroborating, and independently provided, evidence.

    These are the same people who have ignored the fact that the Pakistani ISI has, since the onset of the war, supported the Taliban both in Pakistan and Afghanistan materially and with personnel. When that was brought to light, it was quickly buried under the "circus" surrounding the Wikileaks folks.