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Wyoming is sueing the BATFE because of the BATFE's very narrow definition of expunge.


Beware of BATFE agents bearing gifts.
Many may not even be aware that the experts at the BATFE are not really experts and they hold a grudge.
The BATFE are supposed to certify new manufacturer designs as to whether they are or are not machine guns. The experts use any MacGyver like methods to make it a machine gun, which under Fed law (full auto conversion parts are firearms themselves) means that the MacGyver methods turns duct tape and shoestrings into a firearm.

The worst part of that is if they approve a design as not a machine gun part and allow its production, nothing prevents them from turning around a year later and declaring that it was a machine gun part and all sales of that part have been illegal.

The BATFE is immune from the law so they can send you what they determine is not a machine gun in the mail then change their mind and turn around and tell you that you are illegally in posession of a machine gun.


If you missed it, there is the topic about their Gun Show tactics in Richmond VA.
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