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I had a pleasant phone conversation with a clerk at the Monroe County probate court (intentionally unnamed).

That clerk stated it takes several weeks to turn around a GFL application. I asked the clerk how much of that time was on their end. The clerk stated that they send out applications twice a week. The clerk stated that all of that time was consumed by the background check.

When I told the clerk about the turnover time in Newton, they couldn't believe it went that quickly. The clerk even said "They must not be doing the background check or something!"

I told the clerk about the website. The clerk went to it while I was on the phone. The clerk was amazed at all of the things they were doing that according to was not in compliance with the law.

I wonder if the background checks for some counties go to a specific person that is slow and stupid or just someone that likes to be very meticulous (read that as inefficient)? In my job I am fast and efficient (or at least I try to be). A former employee of mine had the appearance of being fast and efficient but if you looked closely at what she was doing it was essentially all makework and stonewalling. So if your license or permit (not related to a GFL in any way) application ends up with me it generally is issued very quickly but if by the luck of the draw she got it, you would wait significantly longer. Just a thought...
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