Monday's Incident and Eating a Veggie Sub

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    Monday's incident was at least the fourth in the past few months that would-be robbers have been shot while trying to hold up a business:

    • In May, a Fort Lauderdale jewelry store owner exchanged gunfire with a pair of would-be robbers. Jeweler Hugo Villalta's bullets struck both men, killing one of them.

    • In June, a 71-year-old retired Marine was eating a veggie sub at a Plantation Subway when two men entered and tried to rob the store. John Lovell shot both robbers, killing one of them.

    • In August, 54-year-old Bruce Flanders, a clerk at the Super Stop Food Store in Pembroke Pines, shot and wounded one of two men who tried to rob his shop.

    Store Clerk Kills Would Be Robber
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    Guns absolutely reduce crime. Every time one of these oxygen thieves force their fellow citizens to defend themselves and it leads to the criminal's death, we have one less criminal.

    Less criminals should logically lead to less crime.

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    I remember at least 4 incidents in the last few weeks of home owners shooting the BG breaking into their homes. There is one from Clayton county today. One from a few weeks back in East Atlanta where the home owner was out numbered 3-1 but 1 BG dead, 2 in jail.