Momentum Under The Gold Dome Under Trump?

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    Just now sent this email:

    Dear Key GA Representatives,

    President Elect Trump, while campaigning, stated that gun-free zones would be history when he gets in office. This should be a good sign that momentum is on our side now that he has won!

    Next Session, I am hopeful for a GREAT omnibus pro-gun rights bill that will do the following:

    1. Decriminalize all K-12 and college campus carry.

    2. Decriminalize church carry.

    3. Remove the threat of trespass on public property used by the public regardless of any lease, rental, or other agreement with a private entity.

    4. Clearly define what screening qualifies as being able to ban weapons in government buildings. And tighten the meaning of "government building" - it should require at least monthly meetings, not the once a year thing they do to get around the law.

    Please take heart and surge ahead, and thank you for your hard work to restore our rights! Criminals and terrorists are a current threat, and the people of Georgia need the ability to save lives everywhere they need to be.

    Thanks and God bless you,


    Phillip Evans
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