MN: 3rd grader fires officers gun while it was in his holster.....

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    A third-grader was able to reach in and shoot off a police officer's gun at a Maplewood school on Monday, according to Maplewood Police Chief Scott Nadeau.

    According to Nadeau, "The holster was a department-approved level 3 security holster, with trigger guard, that typically cannot be touched or fired in the holster, but the child’s small finger was able to reach inside."

    Ok, how does a 3rd grader with their finger contorted into the holster a) get it in there unnoticed and b) have the strength/leverage to pull the trigger? Anyone want to speculate that it has a "light" trigger?
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    If police were forced to use "smart guns", things like this could not happen.

    A "smart gun" also wouldn't be left behind in restrooms as happens to police far more often than us regular "not professional enough" to carry a gun folks. It would "beep beep" to let the officer know it's away from its holster.

    Will the Bloombergian Momz be on board with this "common sense" regulation?

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    If the holster was made for a gun with a WML, like a Surefire X300U or Streamlight, then the opening in the mouth of the holster can leave enough space for a child to get a finger in there. Safariland makes the most popular LEO holsters for guns with WML and the mouth of the holster is pretty wide.

    This happened a couple years ago too, bunch of kids in a classroom examining all the gear a police office has on his person and then BANG!
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    I’d be willing to bet money on this being the case in this incident.