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PHILADELPHIA -- Police said a local mini-mart owner fought back during a robbery attempt, putting three of the five culprits in the hospital.

Police said a group of men pulled their guns after Germantown store owner John Lee told them to pull their hoods down.

Lee grabbed his own gun and shot three of the four suspects inside the Musgrave Street and Chelten Avenue store before they could target him.

He found the fourth gunman hiding in the back of the store.

“I found out he had a gun on him, so I beat him up pretty bad,†Lee said. “Kicked them hard; I gave them a lesson."

Police did not release the suspects' name or medical conditions, but said they were all suspects in other robberies, too.

Police arrested them and a fifth suspect who was waiting outside in a getaway car.


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Good thing the state reps from Philly are trying to get their preemption laws repealed. That way Philly can outlaw CCW in the city. Their mayor has brought that up several times as a way to reduce crime.

Never mind the fact that there are no records of CCW holders committing gun crimes in Philly...
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