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Milo banned from twitter

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Milo supposedly "abused" some actress in the ghostbusters rehash. But it's difficult to find details on the nature of that "abuse". Sounds more like someone who left the progressive plantation got silenced.

Zero details in this article about what he said that was so "abusive".
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Found this. Critical, but seems like a stretch to call criticism abuse.
Thats because twitter refuses to say anything other than he abused their policies. No specifics ever. Of course death threats to conservatives remain up on tritter indefinitely even when reported.
If you guys don't know, Twitter, and all the other Democratic/Socialist/Marxist controlled major social media mediums have been looking for any excuse to perma-ban this guy and they finally found some whiny, racist black women, that had been telling her followers to attack people all day long to complain about him being honest about how terrible the movie she was in actually was, and they ban him for it.

Get ready, all Conservative speech is about to be banned from social media. Just you watch it.

The Cultural Marxist have taken it over and there is no such thing as free speech there.
So what did he say?
This is the only thing I could find. From the breitbart review of the ghostbusters rehash. Critical, but if an actor can't take criticism for a crappy outing, try another career. Like EJR said, twitter was looking for an excuse.

It's time to start again, with a movie that has integrity. So here are my suggestions for a fresh, true-to-life feminist reboot of the franchise.

1) The film should open with a team of competent male Ghostbusters coordinating their fire and deploying equipment in a businesslike manner. Their prey appears to be a screaming banshee, a nightmare specter intent on dooming all around her to death.

It turns out to be a terrible mistake: the screaming banshee is one of our female leads, angry at a restaurant server for using the wrong pronouns. She sues the Ghostbusters, taking over their whole operation, and then hires her friends to be the new Ghostbusters.

2) The Ghostbusters determine the best course is an all-female team, to secure lucrative government subsidies and Title IX certification. Like the military, they have problems finding women who can pass their rigorous testing, so they are forced to relax the physical standards for potential employees.

As a result, the two gals who aren't beasts of burden are unable to carry their heavy proton packs into battle, and use cute motorized scooters to transport them. These are known as Ecto-2 and Ecto-3, and are each worth a cool million in merchandising.

3) Crossing the streams is not only allowed, it is encouraged. It is also renamed to 'scissoring the streams', blatant pandering to the film's heavily lesbian core demographic. (I'm using the word "heavily" on purpose.)

4) An early mission for the new team will be a disturbance at a health food store. An obese female ghost is tearing the place apart, upset she can't find anything tasty to eat. Maybe she is worried she will be late to the ghostly JC Penney sale. Anyway, she is being lectured in the health food store by the ghost of Dr. Atkins who wants her to shed weight.

The Ghostbusters capture Dr. Atkins while scolding him that "Ghosts can be healthy at any size." The girls point the portly poltergeist toward the nearest pizza shop and try to give her a high five on the way out, but the ghost is so large she slimes them all.

5) Every Ghostbusters movie needs a scene where all the captured ghosts are released on an unsuspecting city. Our fiendishly clever antagonist will organize all the ghosts in containment to identify as living people.

The Ghostbusters face a tsunami of bad press accusing them of bigotry towards the trans-living, resulting in them releasing the apprehended apparitions to wreak havoc once again.

6) The happy memory that turns into a monster will be of comfort to the ladies. That's right, they have to fight a giant tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. To make matters worse, they won't have their equipment to fight it, since they accused their male secretary (Brad Pitt in a cameo) of mansplaining when he suggested their put their proton packs on the charger.

They have to take this ice cream down the old fashioned way, with big spoons, crying, romantic comedies streaming on their smartphones.

7) In the final act we meet the real enemy of the female Ghostbusters- their parents' dead hopes and dreams. Will the phantasmagorical manifestation of pure disappointment at the lack of grandchildren be too great for our stunning and brave womyn to overcome?
Now that's funny stuff.
Probably way funnier than the movie, hence the ban.
Probably way funnier than the movie, hence the ban.
Did you watch the preview video? Wow! Absolutely horrible. Fastest negative votes in the history of YouTube. The response of the studio and actors was that it was all driven by anti-woman sentiment. Nope, it was just a bad movie.
‘scissoring the streams’ :lol:
So what did he say?
I could have missed one tweet, but Milo did not do what this anti white racist woman said he did, in fact, she blamed him of doing the very thing she was doing. The tweets are public and you should be able to find all or most with a simple search. This is social Marxism and hating a gay conservative. Democrats believe if you are black or gay, and a Republican or conservative, that you are a traitor to your race or sex. They are the racist and sexists, which is cultural Marxism.

She told her followers to gang up and attack milo, and they did, then she reported milo, saying he did the thing she did, and they banned him for it, even though he had not.

He just said how terrible and neo feminist the new ghost busters was and I've seen it, it was terrible, the women are the only ones man enough and all the men are bumbling idiots or attractive eye candy.

It was a terrible movie, deserving of ridicule.
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Twitter is Marxist, they gave BLM there own emoticon after Dallas police officers are killed during one of their rallies.

This is about silencing, censoring conservative speech.

This is not about the truth. It's not about breaking rules of an online community.
If you want a laugh and a review of the movie in question watch this one. NSFW! Done by a woman, nose ring and blue hair and all, about the movie. Wow.

GQ writer says on Twitter he wants to beat Pat Smith (mother of Benghazi victim who spoke at the RNC) to death. Twitter does nothing to his account.

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Typical liberal - you are free to say whatever you like as long as you agree with me.

Typical Conservative - I will defend your right to say what you believe, even if I disagree with you.
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