Military Draft ?

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    From today's
    "Frequent tours for U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan have stressed the all-volunteer force and made it worth considering a return to a military draft, President Bush's new war adviser said Friday."

    What do y'all think? I'm in favor of it, and the legislation should have a paragraph forbidding preferential treatment or safer, more comfortable duty assignments for people with close personal ties to politicians.

    That way, the sons of the privileged and the sons of the powerful will be subject to the same risks as everyone else, and our leaders will be (as they should be) careful about where we send our military and what they expect them to do.

    It's too easy to be a warmonger when you don't have anything to lose but perhaps your job, and that is only in theory, because politicians have rigged the system so that incumbents can nearly always get re-elected if they wish. But having your 20-something son or daughter in the military will up your stake in the game.
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    I'm all in favor of it as well.

    I would institute it this way:

    Upon conscription, (passing all physical exams and tests), ask the following question ONE TIME:

    "Are you a conscientious objector?"

    If no, then send to the next opening (branch does not matter).

    If yes:

    Automatically go thru USMC boot camp and Infantry school (that would make people think hard about that yes answer). When done, then assign to the next slot open...they can do roads and grounds, weed-eat, paint the hull, etc. They can even be part of the REMF's in the combat zone.

    Draftees do 4 years. No exceptions.

    NO discharges for offering the CO a hummer (NOT the vehicle). :lol:

    If removed from the service for cause: minimum "other than Honorable conditions" discharge (preferrably Bad Conduct or Dishonorable). No appeal to the Records Review Board for 15 years, minimum.

    I'm sure our Active Duty members (and retirees and vets) can come up with more, and make this a workable thing, WITHOUT the pantywastes in DC.

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    I'm absolutely opposed to a draft. I also reject the notion that notion that the military is the only means in which to "serve". The problem is the way in which the troops are deployed by the politicos and the way they are being used as targets and not being allowed to kill people and break things to the point of accomplishing the mission. We have enough honorable men and women willing and qualified to serve in the military to not have to draft people.

    If we are that hard up troops, we should remove the restriction on homosexuals serving in the military. Why draft when we have an entire segment of the population that is rejected out of hand.
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    One of the things that was great about my time in the Marine Corps is that everyone wanted to be there. Well, most everyone. I can't picture it being as good of an organization of people were essentially forced to be in it.

    I say no to the draft unless the enemy is at our gates. But even then we won't need a draft since we have the 2nd amendment.
  6. Malum Prohibitum

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    Like we need a bunch of whiny pacifists who do not want to be there . . . :roll:
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    If these are the types of wars that we get into, then I am opposed to it as well...
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    I do not like the idea of a draft at all. Military is not for me. I'm ever thankful for the volunteer service of the men and women here and abroad. I do my best to support them with my kind words, money (if I can), and my future career. I plan on working with the DoD and the civilian side of things. My brother and stepbrother are Marines, so I guess I'm the odd one out.
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    I am ex-army and would never have wanted to serve with people who were forced to be there. It was bad enough serving with some of the people who voluntarily signed on the dotted line.
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    Yes the draft is a last ditch effort. It took the military over 20 years to clean up since the last draft. With drugs and other stuff. When you force people to do something they don't want to do expecially something like the military it brings the others down. One bad apple in a unit can crush the morale. If you read the book American Soldier by General Tommy Franks he explains the whole issue of the draft. Any General will tell you not to instill the draft unless it is a last ditch effort.
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    When I joined the AF in '79, it was a mess; thinking back, I don't think I would want draftees either. My desires are to get the silver-spoon types in the military, and let them be on the receiving end of a few gobs of spit. Maybe make a new catch-phrase:

    A conservative is a liberal who was drafted! :lol:
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    We are having an issue the overall quality of the people joining the service today; don’t get me wrong we have some GREAT people in uniform; though we also have some that are there because that is all they can do. The minimum standards for military service have dropped greatly over the last 20 years. The draft will bring in higher quality people and it will also bring people we don’t want.

    I've long felt we need some form of mandatory service to the country for all young adults (male and female). This service would range from military service to working for local governments. I would include a lesson on values and ethics. We have way too many people that didn’t get any home training.
  14. ptsmith24

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    Mandatory service to the thanks.
  15. mswicord

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    As I mentioned.....values and ethics......

    I'm proud to call myself an American and enjoy the freedom and wealth the country (the members of) have provided for me.
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    Absolutely opposed to the draft. I do NOT want to be patrolling Baghdad with some kid who doesn't not want to be there, never wanted to be there, and was forced, at gunpoint, to serve in the military. No thanks.

    If a nation can't recruit enough volunteers to defend itself, then that nation does not deserve to exist.
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    Being a former Marine myself, I have to agree, NO to the draft. I grew up in the Corps in the '70s. Trust me it was bad back then. What needs to be changed is the ROE. This **** could have been over a couple of years ago if the military had been allowed to do thier jobs. Thats for another discussion.

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    Too bad we never could institute the gov't from Heinlein's "Starship Troopers" (the book, NOT the movie).

    You aren't required to serve. However, unless you do, you aren't allowed to vote.

    Doesn't have to be *military* service. Just has to be some type of service.
  19. Hawkdriver

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    Excellent points Sir.

    A very political and restrictive ROE is disableing us from completeing the mission in a timely manner.

    War is f'n ugly bro. Let us get on with the job of fighting it and we can get home.

    Really it's the basic concept of economy of force taught to every Officer in the beginning of thier career. Use what you have effectively and you wont have to use more then you need and expend what you have.

    The draft will never happen. Not for the current state of events we are in now.
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