Midtown is Safe, Right?

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Malum Prohibitum, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. Malum Prohibitum

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    Robbery in Midtown


  2. Sharky

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    The suspects fled, but police picked them up a short time later near 13th and Peachtree streets. Investigators say they were able to track the suspects because they used the stolen cellphone.

    These were the smart bad guys I see................
  3. merlock

    merlock Active Member

    Guess they'll be getting their Utah permits when they get home!
  4. triggerman357

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    Anytime I'm inside the perimeter, my gun is outside the waistband. Vistors really need to aware of their surroundings in that area. They must of had " :sheep: " written all over them. Glad they got caught, now lets hope they are prosecuted and serve some :jail: time.
  5. Macktee

    Macktee New Member

    I saw this on local TV news.

    To call them :sheep: would be a little insulting to a couple of mean old rams I once met...

    They looked like a group of Mormon missionaries. Very white, very young and very scared.

    I think it was two guys and a girl who was about this far (imagine very small space between thumb and finger) from going completely, 100%, over-the-top hysterical!

    They really were very young looking, I felt sorry for them but, they should have realized they were no longer in Utah and acted accordingly. Maybe downtown Salt Lake City is safe at 2:00 a.m., but they were in Atlanta!!!

    :Nunchaku: :bat: :boxing:
  6. tace

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    ITP carrying OC, you are bound to be stopped by the cops. Having worked in midtown for a year, I can tell you that its not safe at 2am or 9pm.

    Oh, and since they committed these crimes in ATL, the judge will sentence them to a few years and the Fulton Co. Sheriff will call it time served with 6 months at most.
  7. Macktee

    Macktee New Member

    Hey Tace:

    Chances are they will serve no time at all...

    The only witnesses are from Utah. The city of Atlanta won't pay for their travel expenses and you know their public defenders will get five or six continuances.

    So even if the victims show up for the trial, it will be postponed again and again and again.

    The victims would have to be stupid or fairly wealthy to keep coming back to ATL over and over just to see the :censored: get probation.

    Yeah! Ya just gotta luv our justice system!!!

    Did I actually say "justice"?