Miami Herald Rips Self-Defense Insurance Plans

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Nemo, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. Nemo

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    Buy Shooting Legal Insurance???

    Seems the Miami Hearld is pushing it as a necessity. Its a long article. Go read the rest.

    They sure seen to think you should get it. But maybe they are saying the insurance will make you kill people. I am not sure of their point.

    Maybe its just guns are bad and insured guns are really bad.


  2. DonT

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    I think that statement of yours is right. The writer clearly states that prepaid legal defenses services appear to be something nefarious, that will tend to make people feel freer to go shoot other people. Instead of blaming people and their own behavior, it's easier to blame objects...guns, prepaid legal services, etc.

  3. Rugerer

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    And auto insurance makes me feel freer to play demolition derby down I-985 too..... It's just sooo much fun. :roll:
  4. gunsmoker

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    Following one particular :"self-defense" shooting that the newspaper insinuates was not necessary and justified, the Miami Herald reprints a Tampa Times article about how terrible the "Stand Your Ground" law is, and bemoans the fact that well-informed armed citizens can buy pre-paid legal programs or self-defense incident insurance coverage.
  5. gunsmoker

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    A critique and rebuttal from a gun rights blog:

    Notice that the soon-to-be-deceased Hispanic dude, the one playing the loud music and disturbing his neighbors, chased the armed citizen across his own yard and right up to the guy's screen door, brandishing some sort of object (per the shooter) and threatening violence against the armed citizen (per a witness).

    At his own front door the shooter turned and shot his attacker.

    And he was not charged, Fully cleared. The cops found no evidence to discredit his story and his legal right to use self-defense.

    I say file this under "stupid, violent, impulsive people are lucky to live long enough to get married and have a bunch of kids." He should have done a better job of obeying the law and not tried to use violence against his gun-loving neighbor.
    If he'd done that, he'd still be around to be a husband and a father. But he made stupid choices and picked the wrong victim to bully.
    Now he's dead, but I say it's all his fault and nobody else's.
  6. DonT

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  7. UtiPossidetis

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    Funny, public defenders always tell their clients to stop talking to the police until that advice goes against their liberal preconceived (some might say prejudiced) views on gun ownership. My favorite part of the article is:

    "The organization gives members a wallet-sized card to hand to officers after a shooting. It tells police the member will not consent to any searches or speak until they have talked to an attorney. And it says: "As a lawfully armed citizen, I ask for the same courtesy that you would show a fellow officer who was involved in a similar situation."

    Said Michalowski: "We give them information so they don't jeopardize their legal defense." To Rose, that sounds like coaching gun owners to hamper the investigation.

    Again ,funny but I hear that objection from police frequently about public defenders and defense attorneys in general. Weird how a liberal law school professor is agreeing with police about how troublesome the 5th amendment can be.....

  8. Wheedle

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    I have seen a few posts on the evil book of face about how sad it is that there is insurance for shooting someone... all I can think is how sad it is that you have to worry about being sued into oblivion or jailed indefinitely for protecting your family from some $&!*bag...
  9. moe mensale

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    Kind of like how the police union attorney coaches the officer involved in a shooting to STFU for a couple of days to make sure he recalls the incident "correctly?" :-k
  10. RedDawnTheMusical

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    Not relevant. By this argument, everything that gun owners do is bad. Is buying ammunition an enabling-act that influences you to shoot people? Are you buying "military-style hollow points" to ensure the effectiveness of a murdering rampage? Why did you buy a holster with a skull on it? If you can OC in Georgia, why did you buy an IWB holster? Trying to hide the fact you're ready to unleash a blood-bath? Why do you have a round chambered in the gun? Why was the gun loaded? Why is the gun black? Why does your pistol semi-automatic instead of 'manual'?

    It's a bunch of crap from willfully-ignorant, closed-minded people.