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Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Malum Prohibitum, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. Rammstein

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    Meth is one of the few drugs that makes me question my own stance on legalizing all drugs. =/

  2. budder

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  3. Rammstein

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    Because meth users seem to be more apt to violate others' life, liberty or property.

    Whether it be through their violent behavior or the damage done to the environment due to the toxicity of the chemicals used to manufacture the drug.
  4. budder

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    Just because they're more apt doesn't mean that it shouldn't be made legal. At the very least, making meth in a proper lab would limit the environmental damage.
  5. legacy38

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    A few things come to mind here. First, this guy didn't go from straight arrow to meth as his first venture into drugs. Surely there had to be signs of something else along the way. Second, if they guy was loading up on meth, how did somebody in the department not notice a problem and deal with it before this guy got in that deep?
  6. mzmtg

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    You think there are a lot of people out there who don't use mth ONLY because it's illegal?

    Do you think meth use would go up with legalization?
  7. legacy38

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    I do.
  8. Thorsen

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    I do as well. Anytime anything has been legalized its use has increased. Alcohol, while prevelant during prohibition, was used on a much greater scale after the end of prohibition. Canada has seen an increase in use in marijuana with the relaxation of its laws on personal consumption to the point that a recent article I read claimed that per capita cannibus useage was higher in Canada than in any other country in the world.

    So yes, I think the historical evidence proves that legalization equates to increased useage.

    So the question we should be asking is what should be legalized and what should not. Clearly there are illicit drugs that should carry a penalty because their use is far too dangerous for society to accept.

    I think as the standard to what level of danger we are willing to accept we should look at alcohol. It is most definitely a dangerous drug when abused and carries dangers to society as a whole, but we have accepted those dangers. That should be our benchmark, in my opinion.
  9. rajl

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  10. Rammstein

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    At first, yes. But after a while it will decline. We can look to Europe to see what happens when a drug goes from illegal to either legal or illegal but tolerated.
  11. foshizzle

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    People should be able to injest whatever substances they want.

    All these crimes commited by meth users would be negated if they were subject to harsh penalties with NO parole. Over 2 serious crimes is a clear indication to me that you should be locked up for life, or as near to it as possible. Every time I hear "career criminal" I know our system is broken.

    It's not like making drugs legal means party time for America. The people who want to abuse it already were. Those who aren't abusing it, like me, probably want to keep their jobs and family together so it doesn't mean anything. But I should have that choice. The same choice I have to jump off a bridge.
  12. M249

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    As another resident classial liberal, I'm all about ending Prohibition II, but, like Ramm, I have my concerns about meth. I've met potheads, cokeheads, acid-trippers, junkies, alcoholics, and even crackheads; but the one meth user I met... that guy was :censored: up.

    As long as states blatantly violate the 2A, I wouldn't want it legalized. If every law-abiding, non-addict citizen could carry openly almost anywhere, without harassment, then I wouldn't mind as much.

    Of course, in areas with high concentrations of meth addicts, I'd be toting an EBR or a 12 gauge in addition to my sidearm.
  13. Malum Prohibitum

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    These guys are facing the death penalty. How much harsher do you suggest?
  14. blind_shake

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    I think the rule of legalizing certain drugs should be the method of manufacturing. By the rule "God made Marijuana man made LSD". I think anything found naturally and does not get synthesized should be legal.

    only my opinion.

    alcohol such as wine and beer is natural
    tobacco is natural
    marijuana is natural
    cocaine is natural in its coca state
    opium is natural
  15. GotUrBack

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    So, are you in the construction business? How many prisons would it take to house all the meth freaks for harsh penalities with No parole.

    Actually, I feel pretty much the same way about locking people up for full terms, but I'm not sure we can afford it when we get through bailing out all the banks, auto manufacturers, wall street, all companies too large too fail and still supply enough money for the poor to be subsidized by welfare. There just may not be enough money to fight crime any longer! Point of fact, one of the first places Shirley cut was the PD.
  16. Match10

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    (Because laws largely prohibit destructive, stupid things.)
  17. Nullifier

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    Shake, I used to share your opinion until I considered a few things. Wine is natural, as fermentation will occur in nature without any man-made process or interference. However, beer must be brewed and spirits must be distilled. So wine would be legal but beer would be illegal.

    What drugs are legal in this country, changes over time. There was a time when alcohol was illegal but opium was legal. TEA was illegal at one time, and tea importers were considered the same as drug smugglers are today.
  18. walkingsoftly

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    I share this sentiment. In some situations, one finds a dichotomy between principle and practical experience. This is one of them.

    I once worked as an assistant public defender in a rural county here in Georgia, and I can state with no uncertainty that at least 80% of the problems with crime in that county were caused by meth. I represented person after person whose life was devoted to using meth. It got to where I could tell if someone was a user within five seconds of meeting them.

    If they had children, the best case scenario was that they lost custody. I don't even want to say what the worst case scenario was, but I saw it more than once.

    I had always felt that all drugs should be legalized as a principle of human liberty... until I saw what meth does to people and communities. It is a drug that destroys people completely.

    As someone who values human freedom, how can I advocate legalizing a substance which destroys it?

    I would be in favor of legalizing everything EXCEPT meth. The damage caused by cocaine and heroine are nothing compared to it.
  19. phaed

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    it would, initially. but, mother nature would sort that crap out. then we'd be back to where we should be...a better situation than we're in today.

    prohibition doesn't work folks. it only gives a power base to criminals, making them more violent and more prevalent.