Metal vs leather watch bands?

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by frankr, Dec 12, 2010.

  1. frankr

    frankr Active Member

    The leather band on my nicer wristwatch (a Swatch) has deteriorated quite a bit in the last five years. I am considering replacing it soon. It seems that the metal link bands are about the same price as the leather bands (I am not a big fan on plastic for this watch, since it is my dress watch).

    What do you guys typically prefer? Would a metal watch band look odd, fashion speaking, for a man in his 20s/30s?
  2. budder

    budder Moderator Staff Member

    Metal is typically more casual; leather is more formal. Black leather is traditionally the most formal. What kind of watch is it and what level of formality are you going for?

  3. frankr

    frankr Active Member

    It's an older model (1990s) stainless steel Swatch Chronos that was given to me in 1996. It's not particularly high end as watches go, but looks nice up against a less expensive Timex that I also wear a lot. It came with a black leather band and I replaced the original band with another black leather band in 2005. I wear it frequently, so I never thought of black leather as being particularly formal. That's interesting. Thanks!
  4. Archangel

    Archangel Moderator Staff Member

    Metal lasts forever...

    Looks great too...

    My :2cents:

  5. budder

    budder Moderator Staff Member

    For an everyday watch, I'd go with something fairly casual, like a colored Zulu strap. If you want to be able to wear it to something formal, maybe go with metal links. Even though metal is usually for "sport" watches, no one seems to actually wear them when playing sports nowadays :lol: Since the 90s, the new money crowd has commonly worn metal straps to formal events (think gaudy Rolexes and Tags). They are now accepted in most situations, but I wouldn't wear one to a black tie event (black leather strap or no watch) or a white tie event (definitely no watch).
  6. Mstr-Chris

    Mstr-Chris Well-Known Member

    I would pick leather from my experience with metal bands pulling the hair on my wrist. Plus it looks better and no worries of the metal band cutting into you.
  7. rmodel65

    rmodel65 Yukon Cornelius

    id go with metal...saved me from getting a lot of road rash when i had my motorcycle too :p
  8. BirdMan

    BirdMan Active Member

    I don't like metal bands, mainly because they pull my wrist hair. I prefer a leather or nylon band, though for a dressy watch, leather seems to be the way to go. I haven't worn a watch since the day I got married (my watch battery died at my wedding - I'm still trying to figure out what that portends).
  9. Z33

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    Budder...Not only the forum "contrarian" but now also forum fashionista!

    My .02 is metal. If you buy a good quality one you wont have a problem with it pulling hair.

    My problem with leather is that on my skin it begins to smell bad if you wear your watch all day everyday and only take it off once in a blue moon; Its probably been a year since I have taken mine off.
  10. martin_j001

    martin_j001 Active Member

    Not a fan of leather myself, I sweat too much in the summer and with 3 fish tanks at home I'd find myself arm deep in a tank before I realized I forgot to take my watch off. Lately, I've actually been most impressed by watches with rubber bands. Something like the Oris F1 models are very slick to me. I currently own 3 in this style, as well as a couple with Ti or metal bands.

    My latest acquisition (Tissot T-Race): ... fd01e3e542

    One of my others (Seiko Arctura Kinetic): ... l049p1.jpg