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    Do any of you practice memory training? If so what method's do you use and how effective are they?

    I only ask because of the following. One night at work I was on break at the front desk. I hear rocks hit the window and I catch a glimpse of the people throwing them. But I could not get a description of them besides the type of clothing they were wearing. To be fair to me the windows were tinted, it was nighttime and they only had about 10 feet to run to be out of sight. Given that I still wish I could've provided a better description. I couldn't make out their race, gender, approx height or weight. They have caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to us, including personal vehicles, and neighboring businesses.

    It makes me think if I ever need to give a description I may not see or remember key details about the suspect.
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    You forgot that you were sitting at a desk with pen and paper to write it all down. :shattered: