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Memorial Day Shoot

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Greetings, all...

It turns out that some friends of mine and I will be heading up to the outdoor range in Resaca, GA early on Monday, May 28th (Memorial Day) for some target practice.

Anybody else want to come and join in on the fun? 8)
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Unfortunately, Sundays are out for me. I work Saturday night until 7am on Sunday, and will be sound asleep all day. This is why we are going Monday.

Thanks for the invite though! 8)
Well, none of you came out to shoot with us...but that's ok. We had fun anyway! :)))))

My two friends are both in their 20's and didn't have much experience with guns and handling. I went over safety with them and drilled it into their heads. As a test, at first, I took my 1911 (and ensured it and the magazine were NOT loaded...checked 3 times, just in case the bullet fairy visited it while my eyes blinked...), and set it on the table, and told one to show me proper handling.

He picked it up, keeping the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, keeping his finger OFF the trigger and to the side. He ejected the magazine, and then racked the slide back and locked it open, and checked the chamber for a round. I was quite proud of him for doing it right. 8)

Then we drove up to Resaca to the outdoor range. Very few people were there. We took my FA91 (HK91 clone in .308), my M44 Mosin-Nagant, and one of my Yugo SKS 59/66's. Also took my 1911 and my E. German Makarov (9x18mm).

We had a blast shooting for about 3 hours, rotating out the guns as they got hot. In fact, the FA91 got so hot, it singed the nylon on my "sandbag" (that was filled with dry rice) and it split open. :shock: Will have to buy a new one...

Funny thing wife (26 years old, Russian immigrant, never shot a gun before marrying me) outshot both of 'em. She liked the Mosin-Nagant (figures, 'eh?) but didn't like the slip on Pachmyer recoil pad, and had me remove it. Shot it multiple times with the metal buttplate only, and did very well. She shot better than both of the new guys, and almost as good as me. :shock:

Then we headed back home and cleaned them up.

Fun day at the range!!!!!
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