Medal of Honor

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    This is the incedent where they saw local Afgans, the afgans saw them. The seals knew they (local afgans) would tell the local taliban and would surely be attacked shortly after. The seals debated what they should do. Either "eleminate" them from telling the taliban fighers. Or to let them go because they knew they would be tried by U.S. military courts. They made there choice to let them go. Well the taliban came a knocking about a hundred or so of them. Well the seals took a good number down in a good fighting effort. I believe the army unit that came to extract lost some men as well. Only one seal survived and has now written a book about it.

    The debate was about if they should "eliminate" the possibility of them telling the local taliban or if they should let to them go on there way because they were unarmed.

    =D> Either way they have my respect and it makes me proud to be an American.

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    Yes it is the incident the book is about.
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    I haven't read the book, but I did watch an interview with the surviving SEAL team member where he discussed their decision to release the herders instead of killing them. While I applaud their heroism, I disagree with their decision. I was an army officer and I can assure you if I were in a situation behind enemy lines and came into contact with a group that I was relatively positive would reveal my unit to the enemy, those people would have been killed. I also seriously doubt there would be any repercussions for that decision.
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    Basically to me it falls under the "Don't ask, Don't tell." policy. Slit their throats, leave them in a shallow grave and never mention it again.

    We did it in previous wars, why not this one?

    P.s. Just thought of this. If you bnehead them then it automatically looks like Al Queso did it for "helping the infidels"