Meade 5" Reflector Telescope For Sale

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  1. spotco2

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    TeleStar DS-2130AT #70131RE

    5" reflector with GOTO computer

    Larger diameter version of the popular Meade DS-2114 types, with a 127mm (5") diameter primary mirror for superior light gathering ability and improved high power observing. Includes the Autostar computer keypad for fast and easy set up, with automatic tracking and GOTO. Complete scope, ready for observing!

    Aluminized and multi-coated primary mirror and matching elliptical flat secondary mirror (diameter =127mm, 1000mm focal length, f/8); rack and pinion focuser with .965†and 2†eyepiece holders; single fork DS-2000 altazimuth mount; full length adjustable field tripod with aluminum legs; accessory tray; 494 Autostar control system with over 1400 object database; battery pack for 8 AA size (user supplied) batteries; PC-compatible astronomy software; 5x24 viewfinder with bracket; three eyepieces (.965â€) – H25mm, H12.5mm and SR4mm for magnifications of 40X, 80X, 250X; 3X Barlow lens.


    Link to owners manual ... manual.pdf

    I got this as a Christmas gift last year and never figured out how to use it. It still looks new and I think I have the original box and packaging for it. The image is very clear and before anyone asks, it's to powerful to see in the neighbors windows. :lol:

    $160 cash and it must be picked up in Rockmart Ga. This is very large and heavy so shipping would be very expensive.

    E-mail [email protected] goes directly to my phone.
  2. gunsmoker

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    Does it use a Weaver base or Pickatinny rail?
    If I put it on an AR with a 16" barrel, will it clear the front sight? Or do I need a folding front sight?

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    I've dragged my 8" scope out to near Rockmart a couple of times now for the dark skies. You can see the Milkyway out that way!
    You should learn how to use it! The universe is amazing, and Jupiter is up pretty early these days.
  4. AV8R

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    Jupiter was it's closest to Earth in a long while a few weeks ago. I could see three of its moons with my spotting scope.
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    Sunday Bump

    Sure would make a nice xmas gift!
  6. spotco2

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    So Santa did not bring you that new telescope that you were awanting for Christmas this year?

    Well you're in luck because I still have one that I need to get rid of!

    Make me a reasonable offer and you will not be disappointed.

    Cash or trade for firearms please.