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Hey, fine. If he wants to squander resources on a report that practically no one outside of editorial rooms is going to read and even fewer will be emboldened to act upon, I say go for it. Because the bottom line is, no matter what he does, some of us just are done backing up. And we're reclaiming our rights. No matter what this gluteus-clenching martinet and his cabal of useful idiots demand.

As for Bloomberg's flagship gungrabbing group? I have a slogan for them that pretty much exemplifies everything they're about, and everything they hope this new report will help them accomplish:

Mayors Against (Your) Guns: Because Misery Loves Company ... e-relevant

This is good news for us. The gungrabbers and their organizations seem to become less and less relevant everyday. They are having to fight for relevancy as the general public is turning around, realizing that "Gun Control" doesn't work. They are realizing that freedom and liberty does work, and the 2nd amendment is a pretty darn good thing.

I think the tide is turning in the country for gun rights. I think people are starting to get it.
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