Mayor of Roswell in bed with Bloomberg,NY

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    New York has a long history of passing off blame for its own social problems.

    Jere Wood, the mayor of Roswell, is a flake and always has been.

    Got this from the NRA:

    As you know, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is heading a national cabal of anti-gun mayors called “Mayors Against Illegal Guns.â€

    The main objective of this coalition is to repeal the Tiahrt Amendment. This critically important legislation protects the privacy rights of law-abiding gun owners, the safety of law enforcement officers, and the integrity of criminal investigations by preventing inappropriate and public release of confidential firearm trace data except in the course of a bona fide criminal investigation.

    Law enforcement has been steadfast in joining NRA in support of preserving the Tiahrt Amendment. Both the BATFE and the Fraternal Order of Police (which Bloomberg called a “fringe organizationâ€) strongly support keeping this sensitive data private.

    Bloomberg, however, is undeterred and he is continuing to try to expand his anti-gun coalition. In addition to the mayors of cities in Georgia listed below, who are currently members of this coalition, Bloomberg is increasingly pressuring more mayors in your state to join his efforts, engaging in a full court press!

    Mayors in Georgia Who Are Current Members of Bloomberg’s “Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalitionâ€:

    Jack Ellis

    Office of the Mayor

    700 Poplar Street

    Macon, GA 31201

    (478) 751-7170

    [email protected]

    Jere Wood

    Office of the Mayor

    38 Hill Street

    Roswell, GA 30075

    (770) 641-3727

    [email protected]

    In order to combat Bloomberg’s crass, anti-gun efforts, we need your help!

    Using the sample text below, we need you to contact those mayors in your state who have already joined the Bloomberg coalition and ask them to withdraw. AND, we need you to contact your mayor and urge him/her to resist pressure to join Mayor Bloomberg’s efforts to restrict our rights.

    Working together, we can ensure passage of the Tiahrt Amendment and protect the privacy of lawful gun owners and the lives of law enforcement.

    Please contact the mayors listed above, as well as your own mayor TODAY, and encourage your family, friends, and fellow firearm owners in Georgia to do the same.

    Yours in freedom,

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    What happened to the mayors of Atlanta and Athens that were already members?

  3. Gunstar1

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    Here is the list according to Bloombergs website:

    Mayor Heidi Davison
    Athens-Clarke County, GA

    Mayor Shirley Franklin
    Atlanta, GA

    Mayor Jack Ellis
    Macon, GA

    Mayor Jere Wood
    Roswell, GA
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    Why am I not surprised that C Jack is one of the members. :evil:
  5. robpiat

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    Just got a response back from the mayor:

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    He's allowed to own a gun but doesn't want anyone else to, right? :roll:
  7. Malum Prohibitum

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    Guns sales aren't regulated? Wow, maybe I should join this group, too! :D
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    My opinion of Mayor Jere just dropped several notches...

    Although a close neighbor, I don't live in Roswell, so I really can't complain to him about how stupidly he's acting. But I wish I could.
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    You're a crotchety old one will notice. :D 8)
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    That's about the depth of a response I expected from the mayor of a major city in Georgia.

    The last letter I sent to Shirley Franklin I told her I wouldn't spend any tax dollars in her jurisdiction even if I had to stop in Atlanta, City of, to get gas for the ride to the hospital for my liver transplant.

    No response yet. I've since moved even further away though :D