Mayor Calls Police Officer "Pig"

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    Stuart Mayor Eula Clarke (a Democrat I assume), spits on the very ones that put their lives on the line to keep her safe.

    This should be a WAKE UP CALL to law enforcement. Politicians that want to strip us of our Second Amendment Rights are NOT friends of the police. Time for police to STOP carrying out the government's infringement orders.

    If I was a police officer and found someone illegally, but peacefully carrying a gun for protection, my response would be to tell them to have a good day, and leave them alone.

    If politicians don't want liberty for us, perhaps the officers can take the teeth out of those immoral laws by simply not enforcing them.
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    I've eaten monkey before, but I never made racist jokes about it.

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    let us not forget the democratic national convention had blm baby mama's ( including would be cop killer mike brown's) welcomed as heroes. People were upset and they had a wife of a murdered cop later in the convention ( he was a black cop murdered by a black thug so I found that ironic) and then welcome illegal immigrants ( speaking in Spanish no less) as heroes or victims.

    Definitely shows democrats are not the party of law and order.