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    Some of you may be familiar with Matt Bracken through his novels (Enemies Foreign & Domestic, Domestic Enemies and Foreign Enemies & Traitors). This is an interview he recently did with something called "The Rebel Media" (never heard of them) that I'll just put out here for your listening pleasure. It's 30 minutes but moves right along. He comments on the 3% movement, the potential for civil war in Europe and a few other relevant topics.

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    Thank you for posting this, I wasn't aware he had a new interview, so good to see him. He's quite intelligent, an amazing writer, and he's a bit of a forward thinker and futurist as well. I don't know when its coming, I don't know if Trump gets elected, this will be it, but I wouldn't be surprised, but he's right, something is coming one day. The Marxist, et al, are certainly coming for our country, and in some ways, they've already won. Marxist, et al, are already firmly planted in both major US parties, its not going away easily.