Masks Are Useless

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Nemo, Nov 19, 2020.

  1. mountainman444

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    HJB, why do you just keep poking and jabbing at people. It may just be my interpretation, but I believe you just called that man a liar.
    Not a very nice or civil way to act.
  2. DVS

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    I have to say that this seems greatly over simplified...

    Masks can help...
    If you are sick it can reduce the risk of spread but...
    You must have a proper mask (must be rated, properly sized etc)
    And you actually wear the mask correctly
    And you have to not take it off
    And you have to not fidget and play with masks
    And you have to change masks as they are soiled / used
    And you have to keep up all the other hygiene standards

    If masks didn't provide any level of protection they would not have been used by medial professionals for over a century.

    But let's just be honest here... the average person doesn't even come close to following any of these standards with their chin diapers.

    Worse is that even more of those average people don't have the critical thinkings skills to understand that they aren't actually making a difference because they can't be bothered to put out the effort, and that they just might make their situations worse taking more risks because they "feel" safe.

    In the end though let people do what makes them feel good but I draw the line at being forced or coerced into compliance.

    Just my opinion.