Masked men enter, rob Rockdale county home

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    An family of four returned home after working at the family’s restaurant. They entered the home and were met with a masked man running down the steps and three other masked men in the kitchen. The intruders were wearing gloves and dressed in black. At least one assailant had a gun.

    The grandfather and grandson were home when the assailants first arrived, upstairs watching a movie, and did not how the intruders first got in the house. One of the intruders put a gun to the grandfather’s head, then stuffed his mouth with a towel. The grandfather and grandson were then covered with a blue comforter.

    The female victims screamed during the ordeal and the masked men ran out the garage door of the residence with an undisclosed mount of money.

    Full story at the Rockdale Citizen.

    Home invasions scare me more than the shadowy figure hanging out in the Wal-Mart parking lot.
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    And home invasions are some of the most dangerous criminal encounters, much more likely to end up violent.

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    Crummy gun, SN filed off, kept in sterile cloth, no finger prints on it. Keep in case come invasion occurs and crook has no weapon.

    Bang bang, drop gun, call popo. :wink:
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    ^ I wouldnt post that on an internet forum.
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    It's called a joke
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    I've hardened our house's entry points as a means to at least buy time in the event of a break-in that occurs while we're at home. Our only downstairs window has burglar bars, and the doors have long strike plates with 3" screws that go into the studs. Door hinges also have 3" screws. Adjustable steel bars go from the knob to the floor. Let someone try to do a kick-in, and see how much their foot will swell. :)

    Most people don't realize the simple things they can do to help keep their loved ones safe. If someone does get in, my wife and I both have full-sized firearms for protection. Whenever we come home to a hopefully empty house, we're armed and ready in case of an unpleasant surprise of armed robbers.

    I almost take it personally every time I hear about a home invasion where the victims didn't win. And especially saddened when they get killed. I'm sure the survivors afterward thought of some things they could have done to protect their spouse or children that got hurt or killed.

    In the animal kingdom, mothers fiercely fight to protect their young. Makes me wonder why so many mothers are loath to get and learn how to use a gun to protect their children. Women should be our best allies in defending our 2nd Amendment rights, and voting for leaders who'll do the same.

    Ok, gonna slip on off my soapbox now...