Masked man knifes boy at school

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    Maybe a steak knife ban would help curb these incidents.,23599,20 ... 02,00.html

    Masked man knifes boy at school

    A MASKED man stabbed and killed an eight-year-old boy at an elementary school on Friday in the southern Netherlands and has been arrested by police, Dutch NOS television reported.

    Local police said a child had been killed in an elementary school in the town of Hoogerheide, but gave no further details.

    The school was evacuated, Dutch news agency ANP reported, citing local police.

    A police spokeswoman in Hoogerheide said authorities were investigating and would provide further details later on Friday.

    School killings are rare in the Netherlands, which has strict laws on possession of weapons.

    In January 2004, a Dutch teacher was shot dead by a student in The Hague, and in the same month a teacher at a school in Amsterdam was seriously wounded in a stabbing.
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    Implicit in the reporter's statement is that killings are rare because of strict laws on the possession of weapons.

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    Well of course that's the reason!

    Don't you read the Brady Campaign's statements? Or Mayor Bloomberg's?

    If only guns were illegal, we'd all live in a wonderful state of perpetual safety. The only thing standing between us and such an uptopian wonderland is that pesky 2nd ammendment and all the blood-crazed gun nuts out there...

    Whats 'amatter wit youse anyways? Youse stupid 'r sumptin'?

    If guns were outlawed, we'd all be safe and secure.

    WHY OH WHY can't youse people see dat???
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    Well it happened at a young age (I think I was about 12 or 13 years old) and it was mostly because of my Father and the Boy Scouts of America.

    Because of their instructions and knowledge, I traded in the fearful, defenseless, ignorant, and helpless view of the world for one based on reality, logic, facts, and self reliance. Since then the fog has slowly lifted and I can see that the forrest is made of trees.