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    As we all know, carry on Marta, or even a reasonable distance from a bus stop on a public sidewalk (whatever that means) is the crime by the ridiculous title of hijacking.

    Well, I thought you should know that now, in addition to the valiant efforts of the Marta police, we have federal police patrolling Marta buses and trains. The attached story specifically mentions Atlanta. ... index.html
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    Being an unfortunate daily user of MARTA, I was pleased to know that we have more people patrolling.

    However, I recently remember 2 taxi cab drivers that were shot after people picking up guys from MARTA. Doesn't that, by default, mean they were RIDING MARTA with guns? Surely not, that would be hijacking! Maybe they had their taxi driver stop somewhere to pick up the guns after they got off MARTA.

    Well, I am glad to know more than just bold MARTA cops are patrolling the trains. I'm just looking forward to the day when I stop using MARTA. :D