Marta Token Bill

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Malum Prohibitum, Feb 9, 2006.

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    For those of you following the story of the man arrested by Marta police for selling another man a Marta token at face value (after the machine would not sell him one), a bill just passed the house to allow face value sales, and it passed unanimously.
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    And, in a rare move, the Fulton County Solictor's Office has declined to prosecute.

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    When i heard this story on the news I coulnt believe it. One man helping another, which is rare around here, not trying to make a profit gets nailed. I thought I was in CA visiting my now fiance!!!!

    Okay I wont make anymore jokes about CA.
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    prosecutorial discretion

    We already have so many damn laws in our society that all of us are criminals. The only reason we haven't been legally recogzized as criminals is because our "crimes" go undetected, and some are so obscure that you could do them right in front of your average cop and he wouldn't even know there was a law against what you were doing.

    One day we might have enough surveillance and accurate, centralized recordkeeping, with everything cross-referenced, such that most crimes WOULD be detected. Then the only question is would they be prosecuted? I submit that rather than proscute everybody (thus making criminals of most Americans), and rather than changing the law to decriminalize more conduct (governments are reluctant to give up any power, though they thankfully did a little bit with respect to MARTA tokens), what the government will do is just PROMISE us that it will use prosecutorial discretion to only get "the bad guys." Will that be like J. Edgar Hoover investigating Martin Luther King for some 20 years, trying to dig up dirt on him? Or will it be like Baby Bush spying on Americans, citizens in this country, without warrants, even when it would be easy to obtain a warrant from a special secret tribunal, and then saying "Trust me, I will only use this power against terrorists?"

    That leads us to dictatorship. Give unlimited power to one leader and hope and pray that your leader uses this power to benefit the people, not himself and his cronies. Historically, it does not work that way.
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    I can't think of anything intelligent to add to that, so I'll just say, "Amen."