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Marta Murder

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September 6, 2006.
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All of Georgia's places off limits are the same way.

People feel safer when guns are banned even though the ban makes absolutly no difference to a criminal.

Some people would rather delude themselves and feel safer. Then their are the few that have woke up to the delusions and actually do things to protect themselves. It still boils down to whether you accept that you are the best protection for yourself. That basically you view the government not as your protector, but more like your backup.

You can hope the government will protect you, and when they fail you get mad and call for more laws that you think will keep you safe, but it wont... not from everything, it is impossible. The only thing it will do is make you feel like you are safe. As long as a person wants to feel safe and not actually be safe, bad things will continue to happen to them.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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