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Archangel said:
samman23 said:
I personally have a problem with dog owners who let their dogs loose in their neighborhoods. Dogs are territorial by nature and they start to tell every person and every dog in the neighborhood to stay away from their territory. It really is not considerate of the owner to let their dogs loose.
I agree completely. We have many, MANY folks in our neighborhood who just let their dogs run loose. No leashes, no tethers, no fences.

At least in Cobb where we live it is illegal for them to do this.

While we were walking I almost had to shoot a Rottweiler who came out into the street and attacked our dog in front of my youngest child. The "owner" didn't get up off his lazy butt till he saw me reaching for my pistol. Thank goodness my dog (couldn't care less about his dog) was not hurt, but did leave the scene with a mouthful of brown and black fur. :lol:

Now he has TWO Rottweilers! Neither of them leashed or fenced.

We don't walk that way anymore.

Just today another stray I've never seen before in our yard chased away by my dog....
I have the same problem with my next door neighbor. She thinks that her dogs owns our street. I've seen her dogs attack a many different dogs and bark at a bunch of people and chase the little elementary school kids down the street when they get off the bus. Some of the neighbors have told me they stopped walking their dogs this way because of it. Four families in our neighborhood wrote a letter to animal control. They started patrolling the area for a while. But one of the other neighbors told her that they were patrolling so she stopped for a while and now she's back at it again. I hate seeing me and my neighbors fall victim to her disregard for the law and her neighbors. The strange thing is she has a fenced backyard. She just won't use it.

When the US Marshals raided her house last time it was the only time that I've ever seen all of her dogs not present on the property.
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